Leopard 27 Open yacht charter in Ibiza

What is it like to sail the luxury yacht Leopard 27 Open?

At OlaBoats, as you know, we select the best boats and the most spectacular yachts for your enjoyment in Ibiza and Formentera. Today you'll see what it's like to sail with a Leopard 27 Open...

From the first visual contact, this Leopard 27 Open manufactured at the Italian shipyard Arno, impresses and invites you to enjoy with it the best experiences in the Mediterranean Sea. Keep reading because this boat doesn't leave anyone indifferent and you'll be able to see it in action.

Leopard 27 Open: the basics

Rent Leopard 27 Open in Ibiza

The capacity of this yacht is 8 people in 4 double cabins (to spend the night) or up to 12 guests if they are not going to spend the night on the boat. An ideal number for those long awaited vacations with your family or friends.

The Leopard 27 Open that you can rent in Ibiza with OlaBoats also stands out for its power: it features two 1800hp MTU engines that give it unparalleled reliability and an exciting sailing experience. You can reach 35 knots and visit all the corners of the Pitiusas Islands.

But you expected something like this on a yacht of such renown, didn't you? The Leopard 27 Open has much more to offer you...

Fun and comfort on board

Leopard 27 Open charter in Ibiza

To make your getaway in Ibiza and Formentera fun and worth remembering, you'll be happy to know that this Leopard 27 Open comes equipped with four complete sets for paddle surfing, a wakeboard, water skis, inflatable donut and everything you need for snorkeling.

And as the icing on the cake, a top class Hi-Fi system: FUNKTION ONE + CDJ 2000´S NEXUS. Bring your DJ and let the party begin!

On the other hand, and for those relaxing moments when the body asks you for peace and comfort, the Leopard 27 Open has not been repaired in expenses in terms of yacht furniture. The exclusive Italian design overflows with modernity and style on all sides and will give you the rest you deserve during your holidays.

Fun and comfort, in short, are not at odds in this yacht of absolute luxury...

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Technical specifications

Boat rental in Ibiza

OlaBoats only offers the best boats for rent in Ibiza. This Leopard 27 Open, in addition to the motorization we have already mentioned, equips the "Arneson Drive" system, which gives it unparalleled reliability and durability. Its consumption ranges between 600 and 700 litres per hour.

The length of this yacht is 27 metres and the beam 5 metres. It has, as we have already said, four cabins and four separate bathrooms. The cruising speed of this luxury yacht is about 30 knots.

Want to see how this Leopard 27 Open navigates? Keep reading...

Leopard 27 Open, in action

YouTube user Alessandro de la Rosa has posted the following video on YouTube, which shows the general feeling of cruising the impressive Leopard 27 Open:

You can also see the distribution of Arno's furniture and details in the following video from Media Ship International:

Rent theLeopard 27 Open yacht in Ibiza

If you liked what you saw, don't hesitate! Join the list of hundreds of satisfied customers with the service, know-how and friendliness of the OlaBoats and rent the Leopard 27 Open for your holiday in Ibiza now.

Because a unique holiday starts with a unique boat and to discover the secrets and corners of the Pitiusas Islands.... You have to get wet and sail with OlaBoats!

We are sure you will not regret it (and you will want to repeat it!).

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