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Fun and excitement with a Seabob in Ibiza

Add a little extra excitement to your Ibiza holiday with the ultimate nautical toy: the super-fun Seabob! Read on to see it in action...

At OlaBoats we strive to offer you the best complements for your yacht charter in Ibiza. Today we are going to show you one of the most innovative and fun nautical toys of recent times. If you already know the famous Seabob, you know what we are talking about. If not, you're about to discover an incredible experience!

We could say that a Seabob is a kind of underwater jet ski, which allows you to dive without limits and without effort, in a relaxed way or at dizzying speeds... A revolution in the field of luxury water toys - and at OlaBoats we have them for you!

Nautical toys in Ibiza

Seabob, the revolutionary nautical toy

A propulsive force of 680 newtons or, in other words, an injection of underwater adrenaline, is the main feature of this revolutionary nautical toy. Despite its power, the Seabob moves quietly underwater and with excellent manoeuvrability.

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A design that emanates from the prestigious Italian car company Lamborghini and an onboard software developed by the luxurious brand Porsche underline its exclusivity in terms of nautical toys. When you rent a Seabob in Ibiza you are driving the forefront of nautical technology.

The Seabob in action (video)

Feel free underwater with Seabob. Its hydrodynamic design gives you unprecedented agility. The handling, immersion, driving, ... of this nautical toy is done with the displacement of the weight of your body. The power of Seabob will take you wherever you want and allow you to dive in a unique way.

Once you try it, you won't want to stop using it. With the on-board electronic system you can program the depth of diving you want, up to 40 meters. The safety device also prevents you from exceeding the depths you select so that you can safely dive into the fascinating underwater world.

Are you already a fan of snorkeling? Free diving? Scuba diving? You have to try the Seabob!

seabob ibiza price

Price of Seabobs in Ibiza

Following our policy of transparent rates and personalized attention, at OlaBoats we offer you the price to rent a Seabob in Ibiza more competitive than you will find on the island. You can enjoy any of the boats we've got for you along with this nautical toy for 350€ more per day (VAT not included).

What are you waiting for to live your Seabob experience in Ibiza?

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