Beaches to anchor in Ibiza and Formentera

Sailing the Pitiusas is a privilege and an authentic pleasure at your fingertips with OlaBoats. We show you some beaches and coves to anchor and enjoy unique environments.

Beaches to anchor in Ibiza

The island of Ibiza has an incredibly beautiful coastline and plenty of beaches where you can anchor your boat. In addition to enjoying incredible sunsets and the tranquility of hidden enclaves, only accessible by sea, you will live a unique experience in contact with the wild and marine nature of Ibiza. Here are some recommendations for anchoring in Ibiza:


anchor ibiza port roig

A very quiet area situated on the coast of San José. The spot is very close to the beach of Cala Jondal, protected from most winds, except for the southwest. It is an ideal area to anchor and spend the night peacefully. The coordinates are 38° 52.1' N - 01°18.3' E.

Cala Xarraca

anchor ibiza cala xarraca

One of the most special coves in the north of Ibiza. It is an area that is practically wild and very wide, where it is possible to anchor in very quiet places. Renting a boat in Ibiza makes no sense unless you visit this beautiful cove. The coordinates are 39°06'1N - 01°30.0' E.

Estancia de Dins

fondear ibiza formentera3

Located very close to the island of La Conejera, very close to Cala Conta. There you will find a wharf and a small port located at the northern end of the bay, from where you can reach the lighthouse of the islet. A perfect place to practice diving. The coordinates are 38°58'40.2"N - 1°12'55.6"E.

Beaches to anchor in Formentera

Renting a boat in Ibiza and not visiting the neighbouring island of Formentera is an idea that you should get out of your head. The small of the Pitiusas offers you clear and calm waters, as well as a beautiful trip from island to island. OlaBoats recommends the following beaches to anchor on Formentera:

Cala Saona

fondear ibiza formentera4

This is one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches on Formentera. You will be surrounded by cliffs and its sandy bottom and crystal clear waters make it the ideal destination for diving and snorkeling. An obligatory stop for lovers of these sports. The coordinates are 38°41'35'' N - 1°23'21'' E.


fondear formentera illetes

Illetes beach in Formentera is perhaps the most famous and most popular anchorage for those who rent a boat during their holidays. And it's normal! You won't find such a clean background and crystal clear water in the whole archipelago. At OlaBoats we consider it a must see. The coordinates are 38º45'16,268'' N - 01º26'00,406'' E.

Caló d'es Morts

fondear formentera calo des morts

Anchoring on this beach in the Tramuntana area will open the doors to a small paradise. Its beauty and its views of the small typical "varaderos" (fishermen's houses) of Formentera ensure a unique day. The enclave is also very close to the Caló de Sant Agustí area. The coordinates are 38°39'27.830' N - 01°31'12.71' E.

Recommendations for anchoring in Ibiza and Formentera

  • To make the most of the natural surroundings of the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, it is necessary to respect the marine flora and fauna, both surface and seabed.
  • The zones designated for anchorage are perfectly delimited to avoid anchoring in protected areas.
  • Whenever it is anchored on beaches, it should be done in sandy areas, avoiding damaging the posidonia.

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Images: Marina Ibiza

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