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About Us
OlaBoats is a company dedicated to the rental of boats in Ibiza, as well as to the management and maintenance of ribs, motor boats and yachts.

Whether for private use only or if you are looking for charter boat rental in Ibiza, OlaBoats offers boats ranging from 5 metres in length (available with or without skipper) to authentic super luxury yachts over 30 metres in length.

After more than 15 years in the world of sailing, we know what our customers are looking for. Our aim is to offer boats in Ibiza in optimal conditions, taking care of cleanliness and order, where the basic elements work perfectly. We pay special attention to ensure that all documentation is in order, safety systems in order and insurance up to date.

At OlaBoats we also provide advice when choosing the navigation area according to the weather conditions. The sun, crystal clear waters and the most special corners of Ibiza and Formentera will complete the wonderful experience of starting an exceptional relationship with our company.

If you are thinking of renting a boat in Ibiza, we invite you to discover all that OlaBoats has to offer.


Custom charters

Custom charters

At OlaBoats we know the requirements of the charter boat rental sector in Ibiza. The boats we offer in this modality comply with our high quality standards and that is why we are proud to be able to advise you and offer you the best of the charter market in Ibiza.

Tell us what type of boat you want, size, capacity and let us introduce you to different options. We will advise you with the weather, the sailing area and reserve the buoys so that you can anchor safely and in the desired place.

We also offer you the possibility of booking a restaurant, giving you at least two options if the sea does not allow access to any of them. If you prefer to book a catering and lunch on board your yacht in Ibiza, we will provide you with the best options for this.

We also have a wide range of water toys, such as seabobs, inflatable trawlers, paddle surf, etc. OlaBoats is the option you are looking for if you want a custom charter boat in Ibiza, fully adapted and equipped according to your needs.


Trust Management

Trust Management

Our experience in the nautical sector and having been part of crews on private super luxury boats up to 100 meters in length, we know exactly how a yacht should dress. We take care of every last detail and never wait for the deterioration of the elements to make a dent in the boat so that the renting of your yacht in Ibiza is a unique experience.

At OlaBoats we carry out daily maintenance and anticipate the most common potential breakdowns, so that nothing alters your holidays and the moment to enjoy your boat in Ibiza. We guarantee a summer without problems or worries about the condition of the boat. We work closely with mechanics, electricians and boat maintenance experts. And if you need a crew (patterns, cooks, sailors,...), we take care of everything.

The commitment of OlaBoats is to offer you a trustworthy, fair and 100% professional management so that renting a boat, renting a yacht or renting a motor boat becomes the best memory you have of Ibiza.

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